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What we do

We are a professional training institution specializing in delivering practical training and educational courses to varied category of persons; mainly intended to build capacity, hone skills and engender practical knowledge acquisition which enables our students to master a subject with a professional certification, improve their employment prospects and acquire technical knowledge and skills required to execute tasks in various working environments, giving them a fair understanding of how various organizations and industries operate.
What sets The Connection apart, is our ability to equip students of our courses with applicable skills and knowledge of systems, structures, processes and procedures existent in the actual work environment of several organizations in diverse industries, enabling them deal with real issues and situations on the job with the capacity to solve any real problems, adding value to the organization with immediate contribution towards organizational goals with increased efficiency in performance which invariably culminates into sustainability and profitability.

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Our Philosophy

All our business activities and approach to customer service and course delivery is based on five core values we call C5;


We are committed to delivering top quality skills training programs and courses that reflects the needs of our students, university and corporate partners in direct response to the operational requirements of real work environments without compromising on standards.


Our business model is driven by strategic alliances and inclusive partnerships with organizations who believe in our philosophy of liberalizing education and skills acquisition with a practical learning approach, which looks beyond the traditional classroom system of education.


Building and maintaining competences of our team and students remains the topmost driver of our corporate development and renewal strategy, with constant evaluation and analysis of course impacts, corporate performance and customer satisfaction measures.


Continually evaluate and improve the quality of our courses, services, systems and customer experiences, responding to the changing needs of our students, partners and stakeholders with new programs/courses and opportunities to enrich our relationships.


Our friendly team provides you with every assistance that you may require to achieve excellence throughout your study with us offering timely professional support services in a highly responsive manner, providing a very pleasant environment that enhances your learning experience.

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