This course covers comprehensive and practical approach to marketing management with reference to effective marketing decisions including assessing and developing marketing strategies and implementation plans related to marketing communication strategies, marketing research and information systems, product and service planning management, and marketing integrated communications in all marketing settings including consumer and business-to-business products, services, public, private sector and nonprofit organizations.



    • To equip students with practical marketing skills and knowledge to enable them to understand and apply the concepts and frameworks of marketing management.
    • To provide students with basic understanding of the practical skills on how to inform target audience about company brand, use marketing channels and persuade customers to use the company’s product and services.
    • To teach students the basic concept of product planning and how it relates to marketing in order to increase market shares and beat competition.
    • To help students to understand practical skills relating to modern and traditional marketing strategies which would help to optimize the communication of a consistent message conveying the company’s brands to stakeholders.
    • To give students the practical skills on how to apply computer software/applications in preparing, analyzing and performing marketing functions.


    Upon completion of the course students will;

    • Be able to gain significant experience in communicating and defending their marketing recommendations and building on the ideas of others systems in all settings.
    • Be able to make more marketing decisions by providing the market information and business environment.
    • Understand the concept and practical skills related to product and service planning and management.
    • Be able to apply and employ appropriate marketing tools relating to modern and traditional marketing strategies.
    • Be able to use modern computer software/applications to carry out general marketing and management tasks at the workplace.


    1. Marketing communication strategies and consumer behaviour

    >>>Focusing on concepts, standards and principles underlying marketing communication systems with emphasis on marketing communication mix strategies, advertising promotion, direct sales, and public relations in addition to consumer behaviour techniques including buyer behaviour and decisions, target market selection and competitive market positioning.

    2. Marketing research and information systems

    >>> Generally relates to the application of marketing research process, approaches, instruments and sampling plans in order to define probable market for a particular product covering marketing information system components such as control, planning and decision support systems.

    3. Product and service planning management

    >>> Deals with basic marketing plans, budget, product management and classification, Product Hierarchy and Line Strategies, Product Mix Strategies, Packaging and Labelling, New Product Development, Product Life Cycle (PLC), Brand development and Branding Strategy.

    4. Marketing integrated communications

    >>> Gives students the technical skills used in marketing integrated communications including advertising, public relations, Internet marketing, social media, direct marketing, and sales promotions.

    5. Computer Applications for Marketing Professionals           

    >>>Gives students practical knowledge of modern computer software/applications in preparing, analyzing and performing marketing functions equipping them with the technical skills required by employers in executing tasks with these systems.

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