An organization that combines convenience, speed and practical approach to delivering professional courses leading to recognized certification that offers students and working professionals unique opportunities to acquire knowledge and employable skills, build and upgrade themselves and advance their careers is certainly not one that can be undermined. Responding to the demands of modern professional education, THE CONNECTION GROUP; a professional training services provider; recognizing the demands of corporations has dedicated itself to training working professionals and fresh graduates  in various subjects/fields (including Accounting, Banking, Engineering, Insurance, Finance, Media, Pharmacy) equipping them with technical skills and operational knowledge of various industries. The ultimate focus of the courses is to bridge the ever widening gap between industry and academia and eliminate or reduce drastically the expenditure incurred by organizations in training and retraining new employees before they are absorbed fully into mainstream staff pool.

What sets The Connection Group apart, beyond equipping students of the courses with applicable skills and knowledge of systems, structures, processes and procedures existent in the actual work environment of several organizations in diverse industries, enabling them deal with real issues and situations on the job and an ability to solve any real problems adding value to organization with immediate contribution towards organizational goals with increased efficiency in performance, THE CONNECTION GROUP leverages its relationships and partnerships with various local and international corporate bodies to provide internship opportunities for graduates  of these professional courses to enable them apply the knowledge acquired, after which internationally recognized specialists and executive certificates are awarded to successful candidates.

In this new era of technological advancement and increasing demands of various job functions, professional education has evolved beyond the classroom based learning because most working class people desirous of further education are drifting towards digital/technology driven learning methods mainly because of the degree of flexibility that allows them to combine school with work and other personal commitments. Ultimately, The Connection Group intends to extend these professional skills training courses and corporate capacity building services to all West African countries by year 2020, using Ghana as a Launchpad. All the courses are self-paced, delivered 100% online via individual student portals at highly competitive fees, targeted at working professionals, fresh and unemployed graduates, continuing students as well as the general public with opportunities to be attached to an organization upon successful completion, for internship.

THE CONNECTION GROUP is set to begin rolling out courses from January 2017, with a projected 10000 students and alumni by the end of the year.  Finding a perfect institution to study your choice of course could be quite challenging, especially because of the saturation of professional training institutions in the educational sector; the choice one makes must be critically analyzed ensuring that a course or study program delivers top quality knowledge and practical skills that are in demand.  THE CONNECTION GROUP promises nothing short of excellent, standardized and practical professional courses that is sure to equip students with employable skills to enable them improve and upgrade themselves, acquire internationally recognized specialists certificate, improve their employment prospects and advance their careers.

Whether you’re working a full-time job, unemployed, fresh graduate, continuing tertiary students, a high school graduate or a stay-at-home parent, THE CONNECTION courses can easily fit your lifestyle.  Browse through the courses on and apply for a course of your choice to be among the highly sought after candidates with in-demand skills and gain mastery over various professional fields.

October 15, 2016


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